How to estimate the revenue, downloads and audience of a competitor’s app?

Estimating the downloads and revenue of a competitor’s app

Sensor Tower, a popular mobile app intelligence platform, has a premium product called Store Intelligence. Just like a similar product from App Annie, it is a paid (and pretty expensive) service. However, Sensor Tower also has a limited free version, which in most cases is enough to help you answer some basic questions.

Estimating the audience of a competitor’s app

Assessing the audience of a competitor’s app is not an easy task.

Evaluating traffic sources for a competitor’s mobile app

Where do your competitors get their downloads from? This is a very interesting question. Answering it will give some good ideas on how you can increase your app’s traffic.

Where do competitors acquire traffic for their apps?

This question should probably be of interest to those who promote their apps using advertising networks. Finding new traffic sources and witty approaches for popular ad networks is the only way to survive in a super competitive mobile market with limited traffic sources.

  • War Robots by Pixonic uses Adcolony and eight other ad networks.
  • Gardenscapes by Playrix runs ads on Vungle and 11 other ad networks.
  • FaceApp uses Facebook ads and three other ad networks

ASO (App Store Search Optimization) and tracking a competitor’s app

For many apps, the main source of traffic are app stores. People find apps using search, recommendation mechanisms, featuring, etc.

More useful tools to explore your competitor apps:

  • DataMagic: Find stats for app downloads and revenue.
  • Priori Data: Find stats for app downloads, audience and revenue.
  • Apptopia: Find stats for app downloads, revenue, audience and the SDKs they integrate.
  • AdMobiSpy: Discover ad data for mobile apps.
  • Androidrank: Find the most popular apps in each category on Google Play.

What is the value of finding and studying app metrics of competitors?

I really like studying the numbers behind different apps.

Did Telegram have 200M MAU in March 2018?

I really like Telegram as a product. I’ve been using it regularly for quite a long time.



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